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posted by: Carrie

While at AGU, I found myself standing next to another ex-GK-12 fellow from Arizona State Erin DiMaggio (as well as a Michigan alum!).  Erin was presenting a poster about SciNews a monthly ‘publication’ in which she uses current news to develop short science lessons which use real data sets for teachers of multiple grade levels.  I thought it was such a great project I just had to blog about it. On the SciNews website you can sign up for monthly emails containing a short one page newsletter about the new lesson.  All of the previous lessons can be found on the website.

The lessons cover a full range of science topics – some topics include:

World Population reaches 7 Billion

Hurricane Irene hits Eastern US

Student Health Issue: Should we tax sugary drinks?

Kepler Mission Identifies Potential Exoplanets in the Habitable Zone


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  1. abeebe Says:

    What a great site. I would have loved to major in the “earth and space exploration” program that Arizona offers! Thanks for sharing this, Carrie.

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