Comet Hartley 2


posted by: Aaron McNeely

I have observed the comet for the past two nights. It is currently passing beneathe the “W” of Cassiopeia, an area rich with stars and clusters. I used my TeleVue 85mm refractor for observing. This scope provides a nice, wide field for observing faint extended objects such as comets. The view was quite beautiful. I swept the scope over to observe the Owl Cluster which was nearby.

The comet resembles an amorphous glow with a brighter center. I thought that I could detect a long, straight tail. This was extremely faint, and might have been a chance alignment of faint stars. I will observe again tonight.

This is a nice comet, and it is well-placed for evening observing. Thanks.

Comet Hartley 2 Sky Map:


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  1. tloughran Says:

    Cool. Are you using ccd autoguiding, and if so, have you got an image capture capability? Love to see it. Meanwhile, I’ll go out an look for myself:)

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