Job Search Crazyness


posted by: mcrocker

The plan is to graduate in the spring with my Ph.D.  I have been looking for a faculty job at various colleges and universities.  I found 50 that looked good, but as deadlines passed and I started to apply, the list shrunk down to 36.  I have applied to 24 and have 12 more to do if everything works out.  In the meantime, I have to wait.  I have no idea how many interviews I will make the cut for.  I also do not know what the timeline will be like assuming I get any interviews and any job offers.  Part of me is worried that I will not get many interviews and zero offers.  Another irrational worry is that I will be forced to make a decision on a single offer wondering if I am still in the running with other schools.  For job searches in general it is preferable that offers are given at around the same time so that one can make an informed decision.  I guess time will tell.

In any case, it is interesting to sum up the process with a picture.  I had a nice clean list that took me days to put together, revise, and organize.  Now it is a mess of short notes, cross outs, circles, and check marks.  I am past the hopeful part, past the worried part, and now I just want to be done with applications so that I can wait without thinking that I could have/should have done something different.

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