Ivy Tech Nanotechnology Workshop


posted by: vgoss

High-school students from the South Bend area attended a Nanotechnology Workshop at Ivy Tech College in South Bend, Indiana on Friday, October 09,2009.  Our NDeRC sponsered portable AFM was given center stage for a 25 min session during which a sample scan was demonstrated, after a brief introduction to AFM as a nano-scanning tool.  There were roughly 60 students, faculty, and other interested parties who were on hand to see the amazing images that could be obtained in real-time.  We had a great time!  See the short presentation Ivy-Tech.

From left (Kathryn Griffin, Valerie Goss, Amro Mentash, Greorge Twaddle,…portable AFM sitting on vibration isolation table).  The laptop is connected to a projector which displayed images taken by the Nanosurf AFM.

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